American Journal of Zoology

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Frequency: Bimonthly (February, April, June, August, October, December)

Mode: Online

Policy: Open Access & Peer review


American Journal of zoology is a peer-reviewed, open access journal which invites high-quality manuscripts that focuses on Engineering and theory associated with microwave / millimeter-wave technology, guided wave structures, electromagnetic theory, and implementation. Authors are invited to submit original research works that stimulate the development of the latest technology in industry and academia. Good quality review papers and short communications are also acceptable.

Scope of the journal 

  • 2D/3D printed RF and microwave components

  • Antenna modeling and measurements

  • Channel modeling and propagation

  • Cognitive and adaptive radio

  • Digital beamforming


  • Ferroelectric, ferrite and acoustic wave components

  • Hybrid and monolithic active components (amplifiers, mixers, oscillators, etc)

  • Methods of maintaining signal integrity

  • Micro-machined transmission lines and waveguides

  • Microwave and millimetre wave systems

  • Microwave device modelling

  • Microwave photonics

  • MIMO components

  • Novel waveguides and new phenomenon in waveguides

  • Optical/Fiber techniques

  • Passive components (filters, couplers, transitions, etc)

  • Phased array

  • Radar, SAR and microwave engineering

  • Receiver components

  • RF MEMs and micro-systems

  • RF Nantechnology: Carbon, semiconductors and other novel material based nanotechnology, nanodevices, metamaterials and nanoscale RF components

  • RFID technologies: HF/UHF/RF passive and active RFID tags and readers, printed RFID’s

  • Signal generation and modulation circuits

  • Smart antennas

  • THz components and technologies

  • Transmitter components

  • Wideband and multiband antennas

  • Wireless and cellular architectures, circuits and components