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American Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology must address the reliable and timely delivery of information, regardless of cyber-threats, using secure automatic processes over distributed and heterogeneous computing systems. AJPaP provides an embedded security, information assurance, and cyber-security research perspective, illustrating how cyber-assurance must integrate with IoT devices and networks to understand how these individual components interact in ways to resist and avoid intentional attempts to compromise normal operations. AJPaP addresses the protection of IoT networks from mobile devices to complex processing systems.

Topics covered include

  • Secure algorithms used to spawn and control intelligent agents for embedded processing of IoT devices and networks

  • Key distribution and management in IoT networks

  • Secure IoT radio frequency (RF) signal processing

  • Distributed IoT networks using embedded sensors and actuators

  • Design tools for integrating RF devices and components, e.g. inductors and optics, on IoT processing chips

  • Techniques to improve the quality of attack indications or threat warnings for IoT networks

  • IoT technology for implementing monolithic transceivers on single integrated circuits

  • IoT processors capable of multiple gigahertz operations

  • IoT sensor intrusion networking systems, including distributed detection/estimations

  • Synchronised cyber-attacks against the smart grid and/or SCADA systems

  • Modelling frameworks for cyber-physical systems under cyber-attacks

  • Optimal IoT network clustering for distributed procedures in cyber-physical systems

  • Tools and techniques for automating the creation and distribution of interoperable vulnerabilities in IoT devices and networks

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