Frequently Asked Questions

For authors


What reference style should I use?

For Author’s convenience, ALSJ has developed templates to help you prepare your manuscript.


How do I submit my manuscript?

Please submit your article through email.


How do I check the status of my submitted article?

Each manuscript submission will be followed by a confirmation email to the corresponding author. 
Authors may track all the stages of publication writing to the editor in chief until their manuscript is finalized and is ready for publication.


How long will it take to process my submitted manuscript?

Most journals generally convey the editorial decision on the submission within 10 to 45 days from the initiation of the peer-review process. The time duration of the peer-review process varies due to factors such as availability and promptness of the reviewers approached to carry out reviewing of the submission.  


Are there any charges for publishing in ALSJ journals?

ASJ charges article processing charges. Please check processing charges page


For reviewers


How can I become a reviewer?

Typically reviewers are invited to conduct a review by a journal or editor. Editors usually select researchers that are experts in the same subject area as the paper. However, if you think you would be a good reviewer for a specific journal you can always contact one of the journal's editors.


Where can I access articles for review?

The reviewers will receive a notification email requesting for peer-reviewing the assigned manuscript. Interested reviewers will submit their comments through email. Alternatively, they may decline the activity by sending an email.


How do I post my review comments?

Interested reviewers will submit their comments to respected journals editor