American Journal of Power Electronics and Power Systems

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Volume 1 Issue 1 August 2019

Table of contents

Quick and Efficient Information Transmission by Li-Fi
1P.Mahesh Reddy, 2J.Rajendra Reddy, 3N.Sajid.

The World of Plastics
1N.Raichel, 2P.Mahesh Reddy, 3S.Sree Latha.

The role of Mathematics in Chemistry and Chemical reactions
1T.Pravallika, 2B.marnath Reddy, 3U.Lakshmi Priya.

Precipitation Prediction Using Modified Linear Regression.
1Dr. Anjali Saxena, 2Vandana Barya, 3Dr. Mamta Singh

Abuse of Statistics in Medical Research
1Dr. R. Ahuja, 2G. Aloknath.