American Journal of Bioinformatics 

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ISSN(o): pending

Frequency: 2 issues (June,December)

Mode: Online

Policy: Open Access & Peer Reviewed

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary research field that combines biology, computer science, mathematics and statistics into a broad-based field that will have profound impacts on all fields of biology. The emphasis of IJBRA is on basic bioinformatics research methods, tool development, performance evaluation and their applications in biology. IJBRA addresses the most innovative developments, research issues and solutions in bioinformatics and computational biology and their applications.

Topics covered include

  • Databases, bio-grid, system biology

  • Biomedical image processing, modelling and simulation

  • Bio-ontology and data mining, DNA assembly, clustering, mapping

  • Computational genomics/proteomics

  • Silico technology: computational intelligence, high performance computing

  • E-health, telemedicine

  • Gene expression, microarrays, identification, annotation

  • Genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, neural networks, data visualisation

  • Hidden Markov models, machine learning, support vector machines

  • Molecular evolution, phylogeny, modelling, simulation, sequence analysis

  • Parallel algorithms/architectures, computational structural biology

  • Phylogeny reconstruction algorithms, physiome, protein structure prediction

  • Sequence assembly, search, alignment

  • Signalling/computational biomedical data engineering

  • Simulated annealing, statistical analysis, stochastic grammars