Author Benefits

Submit Manuscript Easily 

Manuscripts can be submitted   through the link


Experience authentic peer review

All submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by expert reviewers. Austra & Lian Science Journals ( ALSJ) follows the single-blind peer-review procedure for submission of all manuscripts to its journals in order to ensure that research content meets ethical and scientific quality standards.

Get editorial assistance

ALSJ experienced editorial and journal staff assist authors in the management, proofreading, and copy editing of submitted manuscripts prior to publication. All efforts are made to ensure that rigorous peer review and pre-publication procedures are done as professionally and as quickly as possible.

Know your article progress

Authors may feel free to know the status of their articles at any time during the peer-review procedure.


Avoid plagiarism

ALSJ uses Plagiarism Software to detect any instances of overlapping of submitted content with any existing published material.