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Volume 1 Issue 1 2019

Table of Contents

Socionomics; the Way Business Transform with Social Media.
1Dr. K.Sasi Kala rani, 2Susmitha Unni*, 3Amritha devadasan.

Smart Energy Meter Monitoring System; a Review
1Dr. M.Sujaritha, 2Amritha Devadasan*, 3U.Sushmitha.

Performance Analysis of Crystalline Solar Panel
1Oneh.P.Ikechukwu*, 2Uwidia Osalen, 3Okolo.F. Chukwudi, 4Ifeanyi.O.Ark.

A Simplified Archetype for Understanding Outcome Based Education
Vijesh Krishnamoorthy

Social Media and Political Party Campaign: Case of Lesotho June 2017 Election.
1Tawanda Mukurunge, 2Takura Bhila.