American Journal of Pharmaceutics

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Volume 1 Issue 1 2019

Table of Contents


A Survey on Compressed Sensing Based Watermarking
1G.Suneetha Devi, 2 Shaik Taz Mahaboob, 3 K.Siva Chandra.

A Comprehensive Study of Retinex Based Image Enhancement Techniques
1Mahalakshmi Badiginchala, 2 Shaik Taz Mahaboob, 3 K.Siva Chandra.K.

A Survey on Different Image Dehazing Techniques.
1Mounika Kanala, 2 Shaik Taz Mahaboob, 3 K.Siva Chandra.

Co-Infection of Soil-Transmitted Intestinal Helminth Infections among School Children in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

1Adeniji Oluwajuwon Joseph, 2Oropo Abdulhammed Olakunli, 3O.Omitola Olaitan.

A Comparative Study of New Methods with Existing Method for Solving “Assignment Problem”.
1T.Pravallika, 2B.marnath Reddy, 3U.Lakshmi Priya.